Dansons Medical's Response to COVID-19

We are offering 20% OFF everything on our website. This is why:


| What's Been Going On |

As of March 20, 2020, the global pandemic of the coronavirus, COVID-19, has been impacting the United States, our country of operation, and where most of our customers are located in. 

| What to Expect |

Dansons Medical will be continuing operations as usual during these times, as our team can efficiently work from home while preventing the spread of the disease. You can expect the same excellent service as usual.

Our vendors will also still be operating at these times, but there will be a change in expectations. Please expect there to be longer delays in shipment than usual. These delays have already been seen with some of our orders. Our vendors are figuring out ways to continue their operations in the best guidance with the CDC and WHO. Although most are maintaining their services, there will be less efficiency, longer shipment dates, and even possible delayed communication between them and us.

We, Dansons Medical, will still push for the a timely fulfillment for all your orders and offer reimbursements for any inconveniences. However, please keep in mind that we have limitations with what we can do on our end.


| What We Are Doing |

At Dansons Medical, our mission is to serve the customers.

We currently understand these two things:
1) Many of our products are necessities for customers, and it will gravely inconvenience them if they do not have them.
2) U.S. citizens (as well as other countries) are experiencing trouble with their jobs. Some are losing work, some are being paid less, and some have to pay more for medical or other services at this particular time.

With those understandings in mind, we've decided to lower our prices by having 20% off all products on our website until, at least, June 30, 2020. This discount is available to all customers and all products on our website. We know many problems are out of our control, like the pandemic situation and the delays with our vendors, but we hope we can still play a role in relieving the condition. Hopefully, the lower prices can help those who are struggling in these difficult times and who still need to purchase medical equipment.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make any changes if necessary. If you have any suggestions for our team, please do not hesitate to email us at support@dansonsmedical.com


EDIT: Discount has been extended to last from April 30th to June 30th