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It was to large. I thought the sizes were for children.

Hi Angel,

Sorry this didn't end up working out for you! I'm glad to say that we actually do have some slings specifically for children. We have two available:

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to with more questions!

Total waste of money

We tried it for one night. It did not slide easily when pulled and the fabric caused sweating which led to a sore area.

PL400H Lift

Best lift ever, no tools to assemble easy to use. Bought this lift for my wife to use on me I'm 6'3" 215lb she has no problem getting me back up of the floor. Now she wants one for the upper floor in my house.


I'm really glad that this lift has proven useful for your wife :) We would love to service you again!

battery dead again

Purchased these batteries a while back. Lift has not been used regularly since summer. Batteries no longer charge. Can they be manually charged outside the box?
If not may need to order batteries only.


I'm sorry to hear about this. We do not recommend removing the batteries from the housing box. If you need to charge it separately from the control box, you are able to do so with a charging cradle we have:

If the problem is persistent, please contact us at

Just what I needed

Good selection of products and super fast shipping. Even with Covid and Christmas, the package arrived a few days after ordering.


I'm really glad to hear this and our team is excited that we were able to provide you a great experience :) We hope to service you again!

Just the right one

Don't understand lift batteries? How do you choose new ones? Danson made it easy for me to choose the correct batteries for my Bestcare lift. Directions were clear and the batteries installed quickly. I look forward to more successful shopping with Dansons.


I'm really glad we were able to make this easy for you! We hope to service you again :)

Life/Lift Saver

I purchased this lift back in May of 2020 and have not looked back since. I am 70 years old and my mom is ?? old. She is a total care person and has dementia. I have no help with lifting and transferring her. This lift has saved my back, arms and life. It is safe and easy to use for even an old foggie like myself. The sling cradles her and she does not feel afraid while in it. This is the best ever! I give it 5 stars!!


It makes me very happy to hear how much this lift has helped out you and your family :) Our team wishes you the best, and hope that we can service you again!

Great Prices with Fast Delivery!

Best price on ADA chair lift batteries, delivery was also super fast. Will definitely buy again.

Glad you liked your shopping experience with us! We hope to service you again :)

never received it yet !

When am I going to receive this potty sling, then maybe I could do a review it !


I'm sorry to hear this, I'll have our customer success team reach out to you as soon as they can!


These batteries were just what my lift needed works great !! Great customer service too


I'm glad we were able to service you well! We hope to do so again :)

Solid built and convenient use

This sling is well constructed and looks like it will last a long time. It has 3 securely attached, conveniently located handholds to assist the patient into the chair.


Great to hear you like the quality of the Padded Clip Sling by Bestcare! We hope to service you again :)

Such a clever device!

Sturdy, well-designed, does the intended job. It is easy for me (age 84) to operate for my husband (88), although he is much heavier than I. We both find it considerably easier to make a transfer with this device than with his walker.
Prior to my purchase, Best Care informed me by phone that the device would roll smoothly on carpet (except shag carpet). However, I have found it very difficult to move it on carpet when empty, and nearly impossible to do so with my husband on it. When I placed a plastic "desk chair pad" over the carpet, it greatly eased the movement of the device. I wonder if you offer "carpet casters"? Of course, it rolls smoothly on tile or hardwood floors.
The wheels fit easily under our bed, and around the toilet, but their width apart is about 1" too wide for the front wheels of the wheelchair to straddle them. We accommodate this by having my husband step onto the floor when getting on or off the transfer assist device rather than being able to make a direct transfer.


I'm glad the STA400 has been working wonderfully for you! We're especially glad its easy for you to operate :)

I'm sorry to hear the carpet is a bit of a problem and unfortunately, Bestcare only has one type of caster for this product. I'll relay that to them on something they could possibly improve on, but I'm glad that you figured out a solution.

We hope to service you again :)

The representative I worked with was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions quickly, and helped me locate the correct part I needed.


I'm really glad we were able to help you locate the right part needed. We hope to service you again :)

Easier to use with better control

PL350CT has several conveniences I've not had before. It uses an adjustable spreader bar to adjust position anytime during the lift. I've seen this on hospital lifts so I was delighted to find it on a home lift. The powered lift with remote means I don't have to let go of my patient while raising and lowering. It is marketed as a car transfer, but I find it works well for the bed and wheelchair. You must use BestCare's proprietary slings and they appear to run a little small. I had to order the next size larger for my patient. I won't used it for the car until the new sling arrives, but I'm confident it will do well.

Thank you for the review John! We're glad the PL350CT worked out for you and helps with several conveniences. This is one of our favorite lifts we supply! It was a pleasure servicing you, and we hope to continue doing so :)

Ordered Parts

Thank you Danson Medical for having the parts in stock I needed for my pool lift. I will always purchase my products from you, fast delivery and reliable products sold.

Great to hear it worked out Neal! We hope to service you again :)

Quality product

Ordered May/June. Was told September delivery, got it in July.
It stays up well. Makes a nice rolling desk or eating surface, even when seated on a sofa. Quick assembly. Some steps were already completed correctly, out of the box. I really like the professional gray finish on the mainframe. The vertically adjustable sliding spine is chrome. The top is black, with a dark wood grain laminate in the tray.

Thank you for your review Chris! Sorry for the delay with your delivery, our manufacturer, Invacare, was backed up for the tables, especially due to the pandemic. However, I'm glad that the table worked out for you and you like it! We hope to service you again :)


The assembly instructions are poorly written; apparently these instructions were for a previous model and not updated for this model.
Specifically, no place in the instructions does it say to remove the battery before attaching the battery holder. There is a diagram which does not illustrate
the parts for this model.


I apologize that you had some problems with assembly. I will relay this to the manufacturer so that they can make improvements. Additionally, we had resources available on our website's product page that would have been helpful:

If you have any further questions, you can reach out to

purchase of Bestsling strap

I recently purchased a Bestsling buttock strap. It took a while but it was finally sent to me, in Alaska, at a reasonable price and after it shipped I received it in short order. I am happy...


Thank you for your patience and understanding with us. I'm really glad everything worked out for you and you are happy! We hope to service you again!

Great product, stubborn patient

The product is great, but trying to get my mother on it, it's something else. When she says no, it's no. It would be so great if she would accept it, it would help both us so much.

Glad you like the product! I really hope your mother can come around and I wish you all the best! If it helps convincing, the STA is designed to actually help exercise the patient's muscles while getting up. It's a great way to support a patient while still activating their body. We hope to service you again in the future!

Seated transfer disk flimsy

The disk is too soft for a 160 pound person, but it's rated for up to 400 lbs. Need to change material to make it work better.

Great as a pre-walker trainer

Great as a pre-walker trainer, flip up the footplate and push my wife along too strengthen her legs, by applying a little more weight on her legs slowly till she can support her full weight., and balance. No fear of falling!

Thanks for a review Jack! Glad that this is helping out your wife and we hope to service you again :)


Dansons Medical

Excellent table

Excellent table. Due to Corona virus situation, it took a long time to arrive.


<p>Thanks for your review! We had some delays with the tables, which have been very popular. We really appreciate your patience and understanding during these times!</p>


<p>Dansons Medical</p>

Excellent product; fast service.

After a one hour assembly, i was impressed by the build quality. Using the STA400 was easy, and my wife felt safe and secure. She needed to grasp the second handrail in order to clear her bottom for the butt supports.

Paul, I'm glad that the product worked well for you! We hope to service you again.


Lift is slower than my Arjo(no big deal) and not quite as well built. Great deal for the money! Hope it lasts.


It's unfortunate to hear the lift is slower, but hopefully you will find that it is a very durable lift and at least worth the price. We hope to service you again!

Dansons Medical

~ARCHIVED~ Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch
Customer Service

We needed a table for our mom; I ordered a table, not realizing by brother had already ordered one. I used the 'chat' option, since Danson's doesn't publish a phone number, to find out how to return the 2nd table. I was told I would receive an email with instructions on returning the table. I never got that email. We love the table, but I am questioning whether or not to use Dansons for our future purchases.


<p></p><p>Thank you for leaving a review! I'm glad the table worked out for you. Maybe I can help with some insight on your return:</p>

<p></p><p>Your return has been requested by you and processed by us all on Friday (5/15/2020), but we are waiting on the manufacturer, Invacare, to approve of the return, for us to send you return instructions. It is currently 5/17/2020, but there has been a weekend between 5/15 and 5/17, so Invacare hasn't approved yet since they only work on weekdays. You should be receiving instructions tomorrow (5/18) or Tuesday (5/19) at the very latest.</p>

<p></p><p>Thank you for your understanding and patience,</p>