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Sent wrong product

Very disappointed in all around customer service and product. I was sent the wrong product from what I ordered.
Had a hard time trying to contact anyone who would help me about returning what was sent.
I called the only number on invoice and she was like not my problem contact the place who sold them to you! Very rude.
There was no number only address. I ask the lady for a phone number and she gave me a non working number!
So, I had to google to try and find the company! I called and left a message and they sent me one back as and it was rude also. Told me I should went yo the manufacturer instead of them for my brake caps for my wheelchair! The handling of this was horrible!
All I want is my money back and I will never buy from hem again!


I am so sorry to hear that your experience was bad. We have had troubles with our system lately, which is why you may have had trouble contacting us. However, please know the other people you talked to that were rude are not a part of our customer service team. We have never been rude to our customers nor do we ever encourage that kind of behavior.

As for your situation, I've gone ahead and refunded your order so you have your money back. I'll have our customer service team reach out to you tomorrow to learn about what went wrong with your order and how we can get you the right item you need.

Stand Assist sling

this was a recommendation from our O.T. it was just what our patient needed


So glad to hear this worked out for your pateint! We hope to service you again :)

Life saver

Now that my husband have this hoyer lift, he doesn't have to struggle getting up anymore. It helps me too, because every time my husband fall, or get up in bed, bathroom trips etc, I don't have to struggle anymore, I just let the hoyer lift do his job . So thank you Danson .


I'm so glad to hear that this lift has assisted a lot for your husband as well as yourself. We hope to service you again :)

Have yet to receive the full order? Still waiting on it


Tracking shows that your order was delivered on Aug 27. The charging cradle should have been shipped seperately since the charger was on backorder at the time of your order creation. However, the charger should be arriving soon. If you'd like to reach out to us about this you can do so here:

My order #5104 was not as ordered despite sending an email making sure I would receive the proper armrest shown on your website. I wanted the cushioned gel pad and not the flat topped pad and was assured by a reply to my email that the right pad would be delivered. It was not.


I'm sorry to hear about this mix up that has happened, which was not intended. I'll have our customer success team reach out to you and hopefully we can resolve this pleasantly for you!

So glad I found this site

Item works perfectly. Thanks.

So glad everything worked out for you Kathleen! We hope to service you again :)

Very fast shipping

Very fast, got it working again thank you.

Awesome to hear Lynda! We hope to service you again :)

Still haven't gotten it

We apologize for the delayed wait time! Your shipping was delayed by the courier, which is outside of our control. However, it should be delivering soon. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us here:



Glad you like it! We can't wait to service you again :)

When oh when?

I am still awaiting delivery of this item


We apologize for the delayed wait time. Your shipping was delayed by the courier, which is outside of our control. However, it should be delivering soon. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us here:

BestMove STA450
Elizabeth Smith
Transfer lift

This tool helps so much with my son that had a stroke. Thank you.


We're so glad to hear that his has helped your son! Hope his recovery goes well. We hope to service you again :)

BestLift PL350CT
Carmen Foster
Great Lift

This lift is great! Easy to assemble and use. I am a caregiver for my 58 year old niece with cerebral palsy and she is wheelchair bound. So easy to get her in and out of bed. Haven’t use it for a car transfer yet because I have a wheelchair mini van but I’m sure it will work wonderfully.


It really brightened my day to hear that this has helped out your niece! I'm glad the product worked out and i'm sure as well it will work wonderfully for car transfer. We hope to service you again :)

Sit-2-Stand equipment

My mother, who will be 86 on the 24th, unfortunately had been diagnosed with onset dementia 7 years ago. Fortunately for her, I have 20+ years prior experience working in rehab/nursing homes. I fall back on and use many of those skills today in regards to her daily care. I have 3 siblings. One lives in Kansas and one that lives 20 min away. The youngest lives w/me and ma. Recently, in just the last 2-3 months, she has developed a fear of falling even though she is never walking alone. We use a FWW (front wheel walker) and a gait belt each time we transfer and ambulate her. Well, we had finally come to that crossroads in the progression of this horrific disease and decided it was time to purchase this equipment. Not because she can't stand or walk short distances but more for her peace of mind. Mine also to be frank.

I made my mom a promise and commitment that she will NEVER be placed in a nursing home years before she had retired in 2009. In 2012, I moved in with her after I had both open heart and neck surgery a year prior. Soon after I began to notice slight issues with memory and vision. We had her diagnosed and "End-of-life" paperwork was completed. DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) or heroic measures will be taken. Our mom will either pass away as peacefully, painlessly and warm in her own bed or a hospital if she has a massive stroke.

This is the second day and the lift has been a God send .. So far .. So good. We can also use the lift to maintain good muscle tone, digestive health and prevent ligament/muscle contraction by having her just stand for short periods of time.


Our whole team is very appreciative for you sharing this with us. We know it must be incredibly difficult and heartbreaking to watch your mother experience dementia and for it to worsen over time. However, you are definitely a strong hero for stepping up and doing your best to take care of her. No words can describe how powerful and inspiring it is to hear you make such a loving promise and commitment to your mother. For what it's worth, we are so glad to hear that the lift has been able to improve things, even just a little. Helping her stand for periods of time will certainly help and we hope her muscles can be maintained.

Thank you for sharing this and we hope the best for you and your family! If there's anything you need from us, please do not hesitate to reach out :)


I ordered a charger for my daughters lift. The lady I talked to was very friendly and helpful. I had the charger overnighted and it was here before 10 the next morning. Thank you for the quick service.


I'm so glad you got what you needed and liked our service :) We hope we can service you again!


My Mother loves her table. It's the best purchase I've made in awhile.


Awesome to hear that! We're so glad this was a good purchase for you and we hope to service you again :)

BestLift PL350CT
Armando Benazzi
Excellent Lift

350CT has been great for getting in & out of car!
It’s far superior to the standard hoyer for bed/wheelchair transfers as well. Takes some practice but after 1 week it’s working out well… highly recommended


Super excited this has worked out well for you! We hope to service you again :)

Tires aftermarket but nice

I loved the tires, unfortunately they where a bit too wide for my w/c and bumped with a part of the motor on the back. They seem to be of great quality. I hope i can change them for the right ones.


Sorry they ended up being too wide! Reach out to us and we should be able to help out:

BestMove STA400
Lesley Maguire
In response to patient being fearful to use the device

I am a PT who is researching this for a patient. My suggestion to the people who are caring for someone who is reluctant to use a new device is to ask your doctor for a Home Health PT or OT evaluation. Most insurances will cover this if there is a documented need in the doctor notes (during a face to face or virtual visit), and a prescription. This can be justified by improving patient safety, increasing mobility, preventing pressure sores. Sometimes a referral can be for "safety assessment using new equipment" or "caregiver training." This may take one visit but more likely a few visits to build confidence and get the patient to accept something new.


We thank you so much for leaving this valuable information for others! I'm sure others will find this extremely helpful :)

Just what we needed

The charger is exactly what we needed. It got here quickly and worked perfectly.


Awesome to hear you got what you needed! We hope to service you again :)

Was given the wrong #10. It did not fit in the hole correctly. It was too big. This causes the table to be not level.

Sorry to hear this! Our customer support team will be reaching out to you soon to help you take care of this. We might be able to get your the correct part!

BestLift PL182
Judith Reinert
Great product

Used to have to lift my husband by hand. This lift is a lifesaver. Well pleased with it. Ordered a sling. Hope it exceeds my expectations.


I'm so glad that this product has helped you out and your expectations have been exceeded :) We hope to service you again! Review of - ETUDE Lifting Support Pole Kit

I am quite surprised that the "kit" consists of only the pole with it's attached grasping handle. And the "User Manual" is nothing more than "General Guidelines" expressing the possible "Dangers", "Warnings", "Cautions" and only ONE "IMPORTANT" definition indicating a "Hazardous situation that could result in damage to property if it is not avoided." -- For a user such as I wishing to attach the pole to my bed, the entire "User Manual Kit" is apparently nothing more than something a room full of lawyers would come up with to legally protect their "butts".. It would have been great to actually have something "anything" akin to a real honest to God User Manual describing "even suggested" user methods on how to install the "Pole to a Users Own Bed" instead of leaving that important piece of information up to the imagination of the user - unless of course it obviously is an incentive to purchase the G-series Bed with its supplied attaching points.
Thank you for the Pole.


I am so sorry that your experience wasn't the best with this product! The owner's manual content is not something we have control over, but we'll make sure to give feedback to Invacare, the manufacturer, on potentially providing more instructions to guide users on installation.

Perhaps the Etude manual would be of help, and is something that we can link on our product listing?

BestLift PL400HE
Sandra Dyche

I am so glad I purchased this lift. Lost my husband just before Christmas my old one was to hard for my daughter use. She says it is like a present for


I'm really sorry to hear about your recent loss, we hope your family is doing alright! Really glad though to hear this lift is working out perfectly for your daughter! We hope to service you again :)

BestLift PL350CT
Warren Harris
Great product

I wish i would have known the size sling to order...i ordered an extra large to be safe and now im stuck with something i can use because its too big...i love the hoyer lift though


Sorry to hear that, we should be able to help you get that exchanged! Reach out to us here:

i like my lift but the sling is way to big


Sorry to hear that! You should still be able to return or exchange the sling if needed. Reach out to us and we can help you out: