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desire To Live Assisted living

great product for Our lift

Transfer sheet

Transfer sheet works great. I am able to pull my husband weighing 170 across the bed with no trouble. Thanks

Thank you Gaile! We're really glad the transfer sheet is working out for you. Hope to service you again!

Works great.

Thanks for the review Dorene! Glad the transfer sheet is working well for you.

Most effective. Good product

Thank you for the review!
I agree.. price is way to high

The control box has 2 12 volt batteries inside the box that runs in series that makes 24 volts. You can buy batteries at any electric supply store. You can buy the charger to charge those standard batteries for less than $20 and it plugs right in.... so.... if the voltage is right and your not charging with to much amperage on the device you should be fine..... you can use a 12 volt car charger on any 12 volt automotive even with different standard batteries in the automobile..

I ordered the hand control, but it turns out I needed a new control box. so I returned the hand control, and you gave me a full refund. Even though my only contact with you was through e-mail, you responded very quickly to my questions about returning the hand control. So I have no complaints, now I need to order a battery for the lift. and I know the transaction will go smoothly.

Thanks for the review Susan! We hope to give you great service again.
Great customer service and product

I called for information on a product and was given the correct item to purchase as a replacement part for my equipment.

Brian, We're glad you received great customer service and received the product well. Hope we can service you again!
easy to install replacement part

After an older model control box needed to be replaced on a bestcare stand assist, this was the perfect replacement. Its modular design and foolproof plugs for electrical components made it extremely easy to remove the old control box and replace it with this new one.

Thank you for the review Daniel! We're glad the product was a great replacement for you. Hope to do business with you again :)
Great product

Made life a lot easier to take care of our loved ones. No more straining our backs to lift our Dad from the bed to the wheelchair and vise versa.

Thank you for the review! We're excited to hear the product has helped make your life easier. We'll always be here for your future needs!
Universal Slings

I had been looking for several weeks to find a company from which to order lift slings for my wife's Hoyer lift. Several web sites failed to answer my requests but the Dansons Medical site answered my request promptly and completed my order process quickly and correctly. I plan to use this company again when needed.

I am glad that we were able to handle everything well for you! Treating others like family is our mission and we will always be here to provide the best service for you! - Christopher
Timotion battery

Be sure to check the item description and product number, the image shown may not match what you order.

Barbara, I will be reaching out personally through email and investigate into this matter. The product image should be the most relevant picture for the product, however, I'd like to ensure we know why you may have received something that you claim looks different. Thanks, Christopher
good product at a great

good product at a great price

control box


Great Customer Service

Good communicaton with the customer - very accommodating and easy to work with - thank you Christopher!

Christine, Thank you for your kind review! It's been a pleasure to help you and I hope we can service you again in the future. - Christopher

I cant say because the lift is doing the same thing so I dont know if it works or not.

Great Wheel

We had a little order confusion, problem resolved new 4" wheel works great



Great sling

Works well. Washable and holds up.

Works fine, ridiculously overpriced $111

Found same charger now from China for $10shipped as a spare, please refund me $80 or don't ask me for a review!

Michael, I can understand the price is not low, but please understand there are two significant factors into the price. Firstly, we are not overpricing our items; we are merely pricing at the intended and suggested retail price from the manufacturer. Secondly, the charger is specially manufactured for the Bestcare lifts. The reason for this is that there are certain specifications that the patient lift battery and control box requires that are not typical in universal AC adapters, which are usually meant for less consumptive products. In fact, it can be damaging to your lift to use non-Bestcare manufactured chargers, and they advise against it for a reason. The PCB unit in the control box can be damaged as a result, and other electrical components of the lift have the same risk. If you use a $10 charger from China, I highly doubt it has the right output specifications adequate enough. With this said, we always strive to provide the best customer service to everyone, which is part of the reason we request reviews, which are entirely optional, to receive feedback on the product purchased and our service. If you have received optimal service from us and your product works fine, I do not understand why that would have to be a 3-star review on the product. However, I hope this has helped bring justification to your purchase, and I can sincerely promise you that proper care of your lift with the appropriate equipment will be worth it in the long run. If you need anymore assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us: Thanks, Christopher
Awsome. Simlpy put

Best sling for the right cause.
Everything I thought it would be.
Worth the money.

Thanks for sharing your experience Johnny! We're glad to hear the sling was the right one for you.
Wrong size!

After waiting a week for the sling we ordered, it was sent in the wrong size. We ordered medium, it arrived extra large! We desperately need the correct size and can’t afford to wait another week!

Hi Gary! I deeply apologize for what had happened. This was due to an error on Dansons Medical's part. I will take full responsibility for what happened by ordering the correct size sling to your address with overnight shipping so you receive it immediately, with no expense to you. After it arrives, I will stay in contact with you about returning the wrong sized sling. The priority is to get you the right size sling first. All fees related to this procedure will be covered by Dansons Medical. If you'd like to proceed this way, please email with a confirmation so that we may proceed as soon as possible. - Christopher **Update 9/04/18** Gary's order was officially fixed. He was sent the right size w/ overnight shipping for no further charge and he was reimbursed for shipping the wrong size back to the manufacturer, Bestcare LLC. Gary has mentioned that the correct size sling arrived in good condition.
No complaints. Very happy. Thank

No complaints. Very happy. Thank you !