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Just the right one
Life/Lift Saver
Valencia, It makes me very happy to hear how much this lift has helped out you and your family :) Our team wishes you the best, and hope that we can service you again!
Great Prices with Fast Delivery!
Glad you liked your shopping experience with us! We hope to service you again :)
never received it yet !
Robert, I'm sorry to hear this, I'll have our customer success team reach out to you as soon as they can!
Edward, I'm glad we were able to service you well! We hope to do so again :)
Solid built and convenient use
John, Great to hear you like the quality of the Padded Clip Sling by Bestcare! We hope to service you again :)
Such a clever device!
Betsy, I'm glad the STA400 has been working wonderfully for you! We're especially glad its easy for you to operate :) I'm sorry to hear the carpet is a bit of a problem and unfortunately, Bestcare only has one type of caster for this product. I'll relay that to them on something they could possibly improve on, but I'm glad that you figured out a solution. We hope to service you again :)
Lisa, I'm really glad we were able to help you locate the right part needed. We hope to service you again :)
Easier to use with better control
Thank you for the review John! We're glad the PL350CT worked out for you and helps with several conveniences. This is one of our favorite lifts we supply! It was a pleasure servicing you, and we hope to continue doing so :)
Ordered Parts
Great to hear it worked out Neal! We hope to service you again :)
Quality product
Thank you for your review Chris! Sorry for the delay with your delivery, our manufacturer, Invacare, was backed up for the tables, especially due to the pandemic. However, I'm glad that the table worked out for you and you like it! We hope to service you again :)
Michael, I apologize that you had some problems with assembly. I will relay this to the manufacturer so that they can make improvements. Additionally, we had resources available on our website's product page that would have been helpful: If you have any further questions, you can reach out to
purchase of Bestsling strap
Lyle, Thank you for your patience and understanding with us. I'm really glad everything worked out for you and you are happy! We hope to service you again!
Great product, stubborn patient
Glad you like the product! I really hope your mother can come around and I wish you all the best! If it helps convincing, the STA is designed to actually help exercise the patient's muscles while getting up. It's a great way to support a patient while still activating their body. We hope to service you again in the future!
Seated transfer disk flimsy
Great as a pre-walker trainer
Thanks for a review Jack! Glad that this is helping out your wife and we hope to service you again :) Thanks, Dansons Medical
Excellent table


Thanks for your review! We had some delays with the tables, which have been very popular. We really appreciate your patience and understanding during these times!


Dansons Medical

Excellent product; fast service.
Paul, I'm glad that the product worked well for you! We hope to service you again.
Judith, It's unfortunate to hear the lift is slower, but hopefully you will find that it is a very durable lift and at least worth the price. We hope to service you again! Dansons Medical
~ARCHIVED~ Invacare Overbed Table with Auto-Touch
Customer Service


Thank you for leaving a review! I'm glad the table worked out for you. Maybe I can help with some insight on your return:

Your return has been requested by you and processed by us all on Friday (5/15/2020), but we are waiting on the manufacturer, Invacare, to approve of the return, for us to send you return instructions. It is currently 5/17/2020, but there has been a weekend between 5/15 and 5/17, so Invacare hasn't approved yet since they only work on weekdays. You should be receiving instructions tomorrow (5/18) or Tuesday (5/19) at the very latest.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,


Fantastic !!!
Kathleen, I'm glad that the product works well for you! Bestcare is one of our best suppliers. Hope we can service you soon! Thanks, Dansons Medical
A great machine

Thank you for the review John! If you want to upgrade your current lift to the electronic version, you can find it here:


I'm glad that your hand control worked out for you! We hope to service you again.


Dansons Medical

Thank you for your review! I'm glad your product turned out great. We hope to service you again at Dansons Medical!
Very fast delivery!
Deana, I'm very glad we were able to get your replacement delivered in time. We hope to service you again!