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    Hoyer U-Sling Padded
    William Gross
    Did not receive in time

    This sling was required for an adaptive sailing event. Your website said it was in stock, it wasn't. It arrived 2 days after the event was over. Now you want me to pay a 25% restocking charge. A 25% charge against a 100% volunteer organization, so technically you're taking money from those we support. I don't see you receiving any of our business in the future.

    Sorry about the delay, shipment is out of our control since all products we offer are shipped directly from the manufacturers. All manufacturers process a restocking fee for return requests.

    If the item was in dire need within a scheduled time frame, we offer the option of expedited shipping for our customers. Shipping nowadays is unpredictable due to the effects of the recent supply chain interruptions. We appreciate your understanding in this case and we thank you. Please let us know if we can assist you with anything else!

    arm rest

    The product was what I wanted but it took n2 months to get it.


    We are grateful for your feedback! Unfortunately, there are times when our shipping partners' stock runs out which causes some delays in shipping. We are happy you received the item you wanted! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. :)

    BestMove STA400
    Peter Frank
    Great Company!

    I had to unfortunately return this product due to the patient becoming a hospice situation. However the company and Tamara in particular gave me the best service I have received in a LONG time! So even though I cannot review the product (but it looks like it would have been great for our needs at the time.) I would like to give top marks for understanding and service! Both my wife and I REALLY appreciated this at a very difficult time.


    We are so delighted to hear from you! It was our pleasure to have assisted you and your family through your difficult time. We sure will be happy to service you again for your future needs. Thank you! :)

    Very Happy

    I really appreciated how easy I was able to locate the merchandise I wanted and order it. The order was prompt and the merchandise was first quality. Thank you so much for solving my issue with using the lift with a sling which did not fit my husband. This one if perfect.


    We are extremely delighted to hear from you! We are very happy to be of any assistance to you and your husband. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further concerns. Thank you! :)

    BestLift PL350CT
    Albert Pezzuti
    Great lift

    We are very pleased with the PL350CT lift. Working with the Dansons Medical staff was a delightful experience; they answered all my questions and had the lift delivered on schedule. The lift is easy to use.


    We are absolutely happy to hear from you! We are happy to hear that the lift works well for you. Our goal is always to make each customer's life easier and we are happy to deliver. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any assistance at Thank you!

    Emergency battery for electric hospital bed

    We fully charged the battery then unplugged the bed and tried it out. Works as promised although slow. Hope we don't have to use it in a real situation as that means we are without electricity but are glad to have it for our peace of mind just in case.
    It arrived in a timely manner and in good condition. Instructions were easy to follow for installation on the bed.


    We are very grateful for your detailed feedback! Glad it is working best for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime if you are in need of any further assistance. Thank you again for your feedback!

    It’s wonderful to have a backup lift pad
    Wait was worth it


    Thank you for your feedback. Delightful to hear the sling is working well for you! We hope to service you again. Please don't hesitate to reach out to for further concerns :)

    Needs met

    I we so impressed with the delivery of the casters. Our model was a little older and the staff, Louis, was so helpful with part #s & website info.I ordered them & they were delivered next day. We use our equipment daily & I was very appreciative of all service.


    I bought this for myself, and all my caregivers like it. It's easy to put in and take out of the wheelchair so you don't have to sit on the sling all day.


    Thank you for the insight on the product! We are very happy to hear the sling has been a big help to your everyday life! If you are in need of any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out at :)

    Bestcare TiMotion Charger (WP-TP7C-ADP)

    My first time buying with this company. I love them, not only they willing to price match for my dad’s charger and I received it within 2 days. The company is awesome and customer service is the best experience that I have. They care about you !


    We are extremely happy to hear about your experience with us! We're always happy to be of any assistance. Thank you for your interest with Dansons Medical.

    We hope to service you again! Please do not hesitate if you are still in need of assistance :)

    BestLift PL400H Hydraulic
    Preston Caruthers

    The lift worked well. I only used it one time since we bought it.

    The exact product I needed

    Over the bed table

    Great quality and I enjoy using it!
    Easy for a woman to move around and easy to raise and lower the height adjustment.
    I would recommend this product and I would buy this product again for myself!


    We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying your new overbed table! We hope to service you again soon. Thank you very much!


    Was shipped immediately and received within 2-3 normal shopping days

    Great experience

    I called and talked with a very nice customer service person that guided me to the correct product. I placed my order online and it arrived in 2 days. Very good service and the product was just what I needed. Thanks


    We are extremely delighted to hear about your great experience with us! Thank you for your interest with Dansons Medical. We hope to service you again soon. Have a wonderful day and keep safe always :)

    BestLift PL400EF
    Charles G Rauchfuss III
    Hoyer Lift PL400EF

    We recently purchased (12/17/2021) and acquired (12/27/2021) the PL400EF Hoyer Lift from Dansons Medical and are quite pleased with the unit. Interestingly enough, the lift quite easy to use and has been holding up quite nicely! We have been using the lift on a daily basis, as my wife suffered a stroke and is unable to walk on her own at this point in time. As we are in our 60's, this has been a saving grace to be able to move her from her bed and into a comfortable adjustable lounge chair. We purchased the unit with the 'free' sling, which is absolutely required when using this device. As of 1/5/2022, we are quite satisfied and pleased with the unit. We have not tried the portability, yet; however, we will be trying once the Winter weather clears! We would highly recommend acquiring this unit if you are in need of a well manufactured Hoyer Lift; which is also portable! Thank you.


    We are extremely happy to hear from you and how well the product has helped you and your wife. Thank you for sharing your insight on the product. This is helping us significantly as well. We are hoping to be at your service again! Please reach out to for anything else you need and we're always happy to be of any assistance. Always hoping for the best for you and your wife! :)

    Received product quickly and perfect

    Hello Cynthia,

    We are genuinely happy to hear from you! Looking forward to servicing you again. :)

    If you need any assistance with future orders, contact us here:

    Fast Service even during the holidays

    My father's lift is essential for his daily life. Dansons processed the order and had it too us in 2 days.

    Hello Derek,

    We are so grateful for you! Thank you for your positive response, we are here to be of your family's service anytime you need us. Stay safe and healthy always!

    ~ARCHIVED~ Invacare Walker Tray
    Sharry Doyle
    Walker tray

    Just what I needed.


    We're so happy to have provided this product for you! Looking forward to servicing you again. We are always here for you if you need us.

    I have not received it yet and are most anxious to start using it. Do you know when I will receive it?


    Thanks so much for reaching out! We are happy to say that your parcel tracker shows that this has been delivered on Monday, 4:16pm. Do reach out to our amazing support team via email if you need more information.


    Fabulous and easy to replace the old ones. Helped me so much in moving my mother with the sit to stand aid!


    What a delight! Thanks so much for providing a photo of how the casters fit on your mother's Sit-To -Stand. We look forward to servicing you again :)

    Seat for wheelchair

    When I need to use my chair, this cushion does the trick to make it as comfortable as possible.


    Thank you for your review! We are glad to hear how you find your your new seat cushions.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance. We hope to service you again :)

    As advertised

    I am satisfied with the product but your choice of delivery service was extremely unsatisfying as they missed (2) scheduled deliveries without being contacted for why they missed the deliveries of the product. I had to finally contact them to find out that they had the wrong address on there shipping paper work.

    Satisfaction survey

    The cup holder I ordered is a well made cup holder. Now the rest of the story. From the pictures I looked at on your site I need to know are all your cup holders as small as the one I received or just mine? I can not come up with a bottle or can that would fit this holder. I’m sure there are people other than me that would like a description of the cup holder they are thinking of buying. Thank you


    Product was shipped fast and was what i wanted not something else works great


    Thank you. We are extremely happy to hear the product works well for you! We are always here to be of any assistance. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

    We wish to service you again! Have a wonderful day.