Bestcare - What System Does My Patient Lift Use?


You can understand what system your lift uses by looking at its serial number.



Here's an example of a Serial Number: SA600EL17050100

 Please use the following guide to understand your serial number:

Type of lift. Can start with PL(patient lift) SA(sit-to-stand) and STA(standing-transfer-aid)
Weight capacity (400/500/600 available)

Model (This sequence is not on every serial number. Older units circa 2017 or older may include this but with possible conversions to another unit such as PL400EL->PL400E makes this sequence obsolete.

17 Production Year
05 Production Month
01 Production Plant (0/1/2/9 available)
000 Batch Number



TiMotion System

If the customers have a Production plant number of 1 or 2 they WILL have newer TiMotion electronic system and will require those parts.


Performance and Legacy System

We introduced the Performance system in the 3rd quarter of 2013. So, from Sept 2013 to January 2017, we were selling both lifts with Legacy and Performance systems. In 2017, we stopped selling Legacy lifts but do have dealers that stocked their own inventory so it’s possible a customer may order a lift later that same year and have older electronic. There were also many conversions between the two when inventory was low so for older lifts it will be best to makes sure they match up by their control box picture to distinguish between Performance and Legacy System.


For customers that have a Production plant number of 0 and Production year of 2012 or older they will most likely have Legacy electronics.


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